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Paris is a Morgue without you...

My Sweet Nathaniel,

I have been finally granted time to respond to your indescribable, breath-taking note.
My father found the locket you gave me during your last visit and thus, I have only now been allowed out of my room-- yes, the dictator took away my stationery. To make matters worse, my dear mama (who secretly confided to me how she likes you!) has been away looking after my grand-mère who's health is failing. She returned from a rosary service at the Sacrè Coeur basilica earlier this morning-- she brought me a new seal from Montmartre (with a flower in the center.) This is how I am able to quickly write this note to you, love.

I cannot begin to imagine how angry you must be at me... I have not been avoiding you, my sweet, sweet Nathaniel!
I see your face everywhere... I am deeply sad. It is ironic... now that I am allowed out of the confines of mon chambre, I feel nearly nauseous at the thought of venturing out...
I recall a phrase I read from a scrap of paper blowing in the wind near la Tour Eiffel just before a rainstorm... it was about a week after you returned to England and left me in pieces...

"Paris is a morgue without you. Before I knew you, it was Paris, and I thought it was heaven: but now it is a vast desert of desolation and loneliness."

When will you return to see me? ... to be with me??
The only way I can go to you is if I leave my family and all that I have here, forever...

Please don't be angry with me. Je T'Aime...

your Claire.
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