Nathaniel Lowry (nathanlowry) wrote in nathanandclaire,
Nathaniel Lowry

Is... this... really... you..?

I am holding your letter in my hands... I... I am overflowing... overcome... with utter amazement. Are you back? Is this you, really you? Did you come back to me?

My heart beats so profusely, I fear it might leave me breathless. Whereas up until a moment ago my days were dreary and plain, now a current of hope is pumping through my poor veins -- it is a feeling I've learned to become quite weary of.


My lover, why? Why did you attempt to leave me? Why... How did you... When...


Claire, I sat by your bedside for many a night. Did not your sister inform you? Did you not sense how my hands clutched your hands? Did you not feel my breath as I said the words I-Will-Wait-For-You? Did you not notice how tokens of my deepest love for you fell from my eyes onto your cheeks? The Hell you speak of, did you not find me there, searching for you?


My Claire, tell me that this is you writing me after all this time. I must believe that if you wrote me, you must love me still. I see a glimmer of hope burning near the horizon. Show me your fire, Claire. Illuminate my life once again.
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