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My Life, My Love... it is me, your Claire...

Mon amour... Oh my love! I have been walking for months in a parched desert, calling out your name... My family and doctors explained what occurred-- I opened my eyes for the first time yesterday...

This limited thing we call language could never come close to expressing to you--sweet, SWEET love-- how I ache for you still...
I cannot begin to tell you the hell these last months have been without you, but not a moment went by that I was not conscious of your absence.

Nathaniel-- did you visit me?
I would forgive you if you did not given the state I was in... oh but how I missed you in my dreams all these months!

... I am still quite weak... I must go rest a bit...

Nathaniel... write to me, cheri. Tell me-- do you love me today as you once did? :(

Your Claire
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