Nathaniel Lowry (nathanlowry) wrote in nathanandclaire,
Nathaniel Lowry

Poem For Claire

To My Claire,

It's been months since I last saw your face.
My heart bleeds apologies but I could not bare to stay
And watch you day in and day out; unchanged
Yet chained to a bed and being


Claire, where are you?
Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
Can you touch... me?
I talk to you.
I listen for you.
I try to comfort you from afar and sometimes
I sense that I reach you,

But for a moment.

't Has been long since I held your hand;
I used to study it, remember?
Engraving it into my mind,
Always knowing the day would come
When we'd need to part.
And now... now things are so strange, so...


Time flies with unmattering trivialities.
I keep busy; I keep busy.
When I come home from The Factory I am almost elated
with hope, anticipation, almost knowing
That there will be word of your recovery,
or Heavens forbid, that you await me by my door.

You, your beautiful you.

I picture your off-white night gown,
like a wedding dress.
Your French sense of style...

You are amazing.

I miss you Claire.
I really really miss you.
Come visit me again soon, if you will.
My dreams are yours to take.
Come, let us have another dance.

Another dance.

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