Claire Lenoir-Nébot (clenoirnebot) wrote in nathanandclaire,
Claire Lenoir-Nébot

About Claire...


I am Claire's sister Sophie.
I am sorry to tell you that while you were in the hospital, so too was my sister. Sadly, she remains there in a frozen sleep.
As difficult as this is for me to even type on this computer, it is something you must know...
... when you did not return her messages, she attempted suicide.
Luckily her cat's sudden strange, loud "meows" outside of the washroom door alerted our mother, who found Claire on the floor.

As it is, she is in a coma.
I know my sister better than she knows herself a lot of the time... Nathaniel, she needs you terribly.
Perhaps the sound of your voice will bring her back, as you were the last thing she was thinking of when she fell into this deep sleep. Please come to our estate, as soon as possible.

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