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In Springtime we will be one again...

My love, Yes! I do experience realizations of hope!
Just today, I read the following which I must share with you, sweet lover...

And so the goddess sprinkled a sweet liqueur
over her lover's blood, something magical known
only to her, something sacred and mysterious.
And then the miracle occurred; the blood of Attis
stirred like a fountain in a storm of rain,
and from the pool came forth a flower, crimson
and the young man's blood, as beautiful as he had been,
and as briefly blossoming. The goddess named it
anemone, after the wind, for spring's winds come
and shake its petals off - too soon, too early,
too brief, like joy, like youth, like love.

~~Ovid, Metamorphoses

Am I your goddess? May I revive you?

Your Claire.
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